Our Fee Schedule

That part nobody wants to talk about.

We hope that you will find our event ticketing fees to be just about the lowest anywhere.


If you are an event organizer, here’s the rundown of what it will cost you to transact business on Insta-Tix.

First, if your event is free to your guests, your event costs you nothing to create, host on our website, ticket, or monitor your event progress.  Zero.

But… When you charge for tickets, we must use a credit card processor.  Those fees are fixed, and there’s nothing we can do about it.  Please note:  The charges are per transaction, not per ticket.

Here is the breakdown:

Bank and Ticket fees: 2.9% and 2.1% respectively.  There is also a 0.30¢ Bank fee per transaction.

What does that all add up to?  5% +0.30¢ per transaction.


You sell 2 tickets at $10.00 each.

We charge you 1.00+0.30¢ = $1.30

Your net profit on a $20.00 sale is $18.70.

That’s it. No other hidden fees or costs to you for any transaction.

There is one other fee that you need to be aware of, but can be avoided.  

Paypal, or Wire charges.  Paypal will take a portion of your payout to send to your bank, (you can check their website for details), or if you prefer a wire transfer there is a bank fee to do that.

Luckily, we now can send your payout to you by Zelle.  Zelle is a free service, and the total amount of your payout is what will be credited to your bank account.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send us a message HERE.

How To

Create Events and Sell Tickets

Create an Event

Register on the site, by entering your personal information, then create your event. Just fill in the blanks and add your pictures, and event information. Your Event is ready to display

Add Tickets

Once you've created your event, then create your tickets. You can create as many different kinds as you like (VIP, General Admission, etc.). Post your ticket, and you're done. It's that easy.

Earn Money

You can sign on and monitor your event sales at any time. After your event is over, request a payout and we'll send your profits directly to your bank account. You just focus on your event!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list and sell my tickets with Insta-Tix?

    1. It seriously only takes minutes.  Here’s the steps:
      1. Register an account.
      2. Create your event.
      3. Create your tickets.
      4. Set up how you want to be paid.

      That’s it.  After your event, let us know you want a payout, and we’ll send your net profits directly to you.

How come your fees are so low?
We are a web design business.  That is how we make our money.  We created this site to help existing customers with their needs.  Then we went a step further and opened the site to the general public.

Since this is not a profit center for us, the fees you pay cover the transaction cost that the bank charges us per transaction, and a tiny bit towards the cost of keeping the website running.  That’s it.

Every other ticketing business has to turn a profit to stay in business, hence the higher fees.

How do I get paid after an Event?
Simple.  When you set up your account you give us the information to pay you, (Paypal, Zelle, etc.)

After your event, just sign in and go to your dashboard and click the “Request a Payout” button.

Within 24 hours your money will be on its way to you.  Paypal takes a couple of days, Zelle is instant.

Then just keep your account open for your next event.

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