Become an Organizer / Create Events

Becoming an event Organizer and creating events on our site is easy!

Here’s the step by step instructions….

The first thing you want to do is Register for an account on our website.  From the home screen, click the Login/Register button at the top right of your screen.

Click the “Register Now” link just under the login button.

Create a Username, enter your email address, create a password, and retype your password.  Accept the terms and click “Register.”  You will be taken to your account dashboard. (see fig. 1)

Fig. 1

From your dashboard menu on the left, you can control all of your account functions.

Events: From this pull-down menu, you can view and edit your events and create a new event.

Tickets: From this pull-down menu you can view your already created tickets, create new tickets or see a list of your purchased tickets.

The rest of the menu items are informational and you can view as you wish.

Settings: This is an important page to set up.  Please give it your attention before you create events or tickets.  It is divided into sections, (see fig.4)

fig. 4

Let’s go through the sections.

Photo: You can add a headshot, your company logo, etc.

Information: Enter your profile name, how you want your name to appear to customers, first, last and bio.  Make your bio detailed enough to establish trust in your potential purchasers.

ID Verification:  This is just for us.  This is required to create events.  Your customers will not see this information.

Profile Cover Image: Pick a photo that will sell your business and establish trust to your customers.

Social Links: Self-explanatory, but we need full URLs.  The easiest way to do this is to navigate to your Facebook page (for example), and copy the full link in the address bar, then paste it here.  (ex:  https://facebook.com/yournamehere)

Payout Method: Important!  We need this information in order to pay you after your event.  We accept Paypal, Zelle or Wire Transfer.  NOTE:  PAYPAL AND WIRE TRANFER CHARGE FEES IN ADDITION TO OUR STANDARD FEES.  ZELLE IS OUR ONLY FREE PAYOUT SOURCE.

Password: This is where you go to update and change your account password.

Let’s proceed to Create  Events.

You can create an event by clicking the button in the top menu or the events drop down in your dashboard.

From the Create an event screen, (see fig. 2)

fig. 2

Basic Info: Your event name and a tagline if you have one.

Date and Time: Use the calendar function to enter your event date.  If your event is multiple days, then click the “add more” button and repeat the process.

Select Category: Use the drop-down to enter the category of event this falls under.

Venue: Look under the drop-down to see if the venue is already in our system.  If not, click the “Add New” button to add your event to our system.

Add New Venue: Add tghe venue name, the city, and important – start adding the street address.  As you type, the maps program will begin to recognize the address, and you will see the complete address appear under where you are typing.  Click that full address .  Click save to add the venue.

Description: Add the full description of your event, and all the information you want your customers to know.  Include: special parking info, dress code, along with any information about the venue or organizer. – Remember, you are selling your event.  Please also include a number your customers may call if any questions or concerns. – Preferably yours.

Cover image: Your promo picture of the event.

Image Gallery:  You can add additional pictures of the event, cast, speakers, venue, or whatever else you want your customers to know.

Event Cast (speakers): This is not a required field.  If you are a band, you can enter the individual players, if you are hosting a conference, you can list the speakers, etc.

Cast Style:  You can just list the cast/Speakers or you can include a photo by choosing Speaker Style.  Enter Social URLs as you did before, and you can upload a headshot if you wish.

Click the “Add More” button to add as many people as you need.

Event Schedule: This is not a required field.  This is mainly used for a conference setting where different speakers are scheduled at different times.

Event Video: You can enter the full URL of a YouTube video to promote your event.

Settings: Choose whether you want your tickets listed at the top of the event page, or the bottom.

Event FAQ’s: This is not a required field.  If you wish you can enter as many FAQ’s as you wish.  Simply click the “Add more” button to add additional.

Click the “publish” button, and you have created your event.

You can now instruct your guests to visit our site, or you can go to the actual website by clicking the “Insta-Tix” logo on the top left or the “Home” menu link, find your event, and copy the URL of your event page to share on your social media pages, website or to send in an email or text.

Your event is now created and will show up on your dashboard.

Now that you’ve created your event, lets create tickets.  Click Here.

How To

Create Events and Sell Tickets

Create an Event

Register on the site, by entering your personal information, then create your event. Just fill in the blanks and add your pictures, and event information. Your Event is ready to display

Add Tickets

Once you've created your event, then create your tickets. You can create as many different kinds as you like (VIP, General Admission, etc.). Post your ticket, and you're done. It's that easy.

Earn Money

You can sign on and monitor your event sales at any time. After your event is over, request a payout and we'll send your profits directly to your bank account. You just focus on your event!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I list and sell my tickets with Insta-Tix?

    1. It seriously only takes minutes.  Here’s the steps:
      1. Register an account.
      2. Create your event.
      3. Create your tickets.
      4. Set up how you want to be paid.

      That’s it.  After your event, let us know you want a payout, and we’ll send your net profits directly to you.

How come your fees are so low?
We are a web design business.  That is how we make our money.  We created this site to help existing customers with their needs.  Then we went a step further and opened the site to the general public.

Since this is not a profit center for us, the fees you pay cover the transaction cost that the bank charges us per transaction, and a tiny bit towards the cost of keeping the website running.  That’s it.

Every other ticketing business has to turn a profit to stay in business, hence the higher fees.

How do I get paid after an Event?
Simple.  When you set up your account you give us the information to pay you, (Paypal, Zelle, etc.)

After your event, just sign in and go to your dashboard and click the “Request a Payout” button.

Within 24 hours your money will be on its way to you.  Paypal takes a couple of days, Zelle is instant.

Then just keep your account open for your next event.

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